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The Pauper Party of Ontario was founded by the registration of two candidates,
John Turmel and Mike Spottiswood during the 2011 Ontario general election.
Our programs are based on those of the Abolitionist Party of Canada (
anti-slavery, debt not metal chains)

Argentine Solution: Argentina was broke in 2001 and paid off all foreign debts
by 2006. Unions accepted small-denomination provincial bonds which could be
used for HTML Hydropower, Taxes, Medical, Licenses. Everyone else took
them, no lay-offs, more hiring, debts paid off. So it would work like a PayPal
Ontario where you can buy in and open an account for these credits, not only
with your VISA but also with 100 hours of labor. And also, you can pay it
back not only with cash but with 100 hours of labor. And that's how you can
store your labor in a provincial timebank and everybody can end up with a job.

In the meantime, the Pauper Party of Ontario members will enjoy membership
in the time-barter Gold Nugget Network trading in Hours of volunteer labor
around the world. areLETS timebanks around
the world we may intertrade time with.

Ontario helps political parties by giving a percentage of a donation back to
contributors of cash, goods or services as a tax credit on their yearly tax return:
- 75% of donations up to $400 to get back $300, $100 net donation.
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